The Anticorruption Social Response Force (FUERSA) is a group of anticorruption activists made up of: Iván Velásquez (Former President of the Commission for the Fight against Impunity of Guatemala), Camilo Enciso (Director of the Anticorruption Institute and Former Secretary of Transparency), José Roberto Acosta (Columnist in El Espectador and Anticorruption activist), León Valencia (Peace and Reconciliation Foundation) and Catherine Juvinao (from the Trabajen Vagos or ‘Work, lazybones’ initiative).

Anticorruption Force demands election of the National Registrar

On 15 November 2019, the Anticorruption Social Response Force (FUERSA) filed an electoral annulment claim before the State Council, against the appointment of Mr. Alexander Vega as Colombia’s National Registrar.

Anti-Corruption Force presented a statement to the Supreme Court of Justice detailing certain considerations regarding the election of the Attorney General of the Nation

On 9 December 2019, the FUERSA group presented a statement to the Supreme Court of Justice with some considerations regarding the candidate for Attorney General of the Nation, Clara María González. They urged the Court to take into account the ethics of the actions of the candidates and the denunciation made by Noticias Uno about the aforementioned candidate.