Justice and Impunity Observatory

The Justice and Impunity Observatory compiles, organizes, systematizes and analyzes information about the way in which the justice administration system operates when handling crimes against the public administration and electoral crimes in Colombia.

Through the Observatory, we seek to document the main findings derived from our IntegriData dashboard, analyze the effectiveness of the institutions involved in the fight against corruption and draw up public policy recommendations aimed at eradicating impunity in the prosecution and punishment of corruption.


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On Air | The Aguilar Clan with Jineth Prieto

On Air | The Aguilar Clan with Jineth Prieto

The Aguilar Clan is a dangerous family group that took over the department of Santander and seemed invincible. However, thanks to the journalistic work of Jineth Prieto, little by little the way in which they were taking over public institutions and making use of...

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