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Welcome to our fight against impunity.

Impunity in crimes of corruption has eroded public confidence in the public sector. Similarly, the growing imbalance in the system of checks and balances to favor the executive branch, much to the detriment of the legislative and judicial branches, threatens to undermine the stability of Colombian democracy by unduly favoring and protecting private interests. This imbalance means that the risk that corruption will be investigated by a weakened and co-opted judicial system is ever greater, perpetuating the vicious circle of impunity for acts of corruption.

Zero Impunity (Cero Impunidad) is a commitment made by the Anti-Corruption Institute to tackle impunity head on through the prosecution and punishment of criminal acts against the public administration and electoral crimes in Colombia.

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Red+ Noticias | Water Bonds

On 12 May  2019, Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anticorruption Institute, spoke to the Red + Noticias news channel about water bonds. This followed the decision by Colombia’s Comptroller General of the Republic to revisit the subject in light of discovering that...

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