The Anti-Corruption Institute was founded in 2018. It is a non-profit organization, that seeks to identify, investigate and analyze the causes and effects of corruption, ethical violations, abuses of power and the wider lack of transparency, integrity and accountability in public administration and the private sector, both nationally and internationally, in order to propose comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions aimed at the eradication, mitigation and/or control of the associated risks.


Our observations on the draft Transparency, Integrity, Legality, Stewardship and Innovation Policy:  The Road Towards an Open State

As one of the civil society organizations that make up the Open Government Alliance’s Open State Committee, we have the opportunity to present some observations on the draft of the Conpes document that was published for public comment on September 1 of this year.

Records of income and meetings from MicTIC associated with the Digital Centers project

The Anticorruption Institute makes available to journalists and citizens the records of income and meetings that the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications has maintained in relation to the process of design, award and supervision of the contractual process FTIC-LP-038-2020, which establishes the conditions for executing the Digital Centers project in region B, awarded from the Single Fund for Information and Communication Technologies to the Temporary Union of Populated Centers.

Opinion Columns: 
Tinsel coins

Actually authorizes wasteful spending such as the purchase of commemorative coins signed by the President to be given to allies and friends (42 million Colombian Pesos), landscape gardening at Casa de Nariño (350 million Colombian Pesos) and maintenance of Baccarat lamps (five million per month).


Free open source data about the appointments, trips taken and gifts received by public officials.

Study and monitoring of the prosecution and sanctioning processes for corruption cases.

Audiovisual competition – call for entries. The time has come to show corruption the door. Sign up here.

Anti-Corruption Innovation Laboratory. Volunteers who dream about a Colombia free from corruption.

The best antidote to corruption is to promote and ensure a real culture of integrity.

Anti-Corruption Institute wins judicial process against the government to gain access to contracts for procurement of Covid-19 vaccines

On 21 May, 2021, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca notified the Anti-Corruption Institute of its decision to order the national government to deliver, within a peremptory term of three business days, copies of the different contracts signed with pharmaceutical companies for the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic. All information will be made public. Read document here.

Anti-Corruption Institute publishes copies of the contracts signed by the Colombian government and the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer

The Anti-Corruption Institute, in accordance with its commitment to defend transparency and in a bid to safeguard the fundamental right of access to public information, has published copies of the COVID-19 vaccine contracts between the Colombian Government and the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Civil society organizations pronounce on the draft Conpes document

The Anti-Corruption Institute, together with Corlide, Datasketch and Fundación Corona, in their capacity as members of the Open State Committee...
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Caracol Radio | Anti-Corruption Institute proposes a new rural internet tender

The Anti-Corruption Institute presented an appeal to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications for the direct revocation of the...
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Anti-Corruption Institute publishes copies of the contracts signed by the Colombian government and the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer

The Anti-Corruption Institute, in accordance with its commitment to defend transparency and in a bid to safeguard the fundamental right...
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Members of the public select the Anti-Corruption Institute as member of the AGA Colombia Committee

On 9 August, the Transparency Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, in its capacity as coordinator and technical secretary,...
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The Anti-Corruption Institute wins legal protection petitions against public sector organizations regarding the right to access public information

The Anti-Corruption Institute, through its Impunidad Cero and CabilVeo initiatives, has managed to secure at least nine decisions in its...
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Etilab: anti-corruption innovation laboratory, a space that is built and fuelled by public will

Etilab, the public innovation project created for the fight against corruption, is already underway. Since 2020, via a public co-creation...
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Anti-Corruption Institute aspires to be part of the Alliance for Open Government (AGA Colombia)

From 15-30 June 2021, AGA Colombia will be holding a public consultation to define the new members of the Open...
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CabilVeo for transparent management: the new open data system designed to fight corruption

In their quest for transparency and the right to access public information, the Anti-Corruption Institute has developed an open data...
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The Anti-Corruption Institute provides testimony to the IACHR with regard to the national strike

The Anti-Corruption Institute has appeared before representatives of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), who are currently in Colombia,...
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