The Anti-Corruption Institute was founded in 2018. It is a non-profit organization, that seeks to identify, investigate and analyze the causes and effects of corruption, ethical violations, abuses of power and the wider lack of transparency, integrity and accountability in public administration and the private sector, both nationally and internationally, in order to propose comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions aimed at the eradication, mitigation and/or control of the associated risks.

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You, too, can also be a part of the fight against corruption. You can join our team of volunteers or make a donation to support our projects. Either way, you will be helping to build a world that is free from corruption.


Featured projects

Anti-Corruption Institute wins judicial process against the government to gain access to contracts for procurement of Covid-19 vaccines

On 21 May, 2021, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca notified the Anti-Corruption Institute of its decision to order the national government to deliver, within a peremptory term of three business days, copies of the different contracts signed with pharmaceutical companies for the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic. All information will be made public. Read document here.

Anti-Corruption Institute publishes copies of the contracts signed by the Colombian government and the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer

The Anti-Corruption Institute, in accordance with its commitment to defend transparency and in a bid to safeguard the fundamental right of access to public information, has published copies of the COVID-19 vaccine contracts between the Colombian Government and the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

El País | The Anti-Corruption Institute sues Duque for “violating the ban on political participation”

The Anti-Corruption Institute filed a class action suit before the Cundinamarca Administrative Court against the President of the Republic, Iván...
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Organizations from the AGA Committee come together to request the restoration of response times to Rights to Petition

Two years after the start of the pandemic, during which time the response time to Rights to Petition has been...
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IntegriCamp has started! The Anti-Corruption Institute’s course on Integrity and Anti-Corruption

IntegriCamp classes started on 26 March. In the presence of our Director, Camilo Enciso, and anti-corruption expert Michel Levien, participating...
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Anti-Corruption Institute at the conclusion of the Acceleration of Results in Open Contracting (ARCA) project

Between 23-25 March, the Anti-Corruption Institute participated in the closing event of the Accelerating Results in Open Contracting (ARCA) project,...
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Anti-Corruption Public Policy Recommendations

Impunity in the prosecution of crimes associated with public corruption has greatly damaged the credibility of the different institutions that...
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Alliance for Electoral Oversight 2022: formed by the Anti-Corruption Institute, PARES and Extituto

An alliance of civil society organizations issued a press release to inform the public that they have joined forces to...
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Entrepreneurs for Integrity: a new initiative from the private sector that seeks to combat corruption from within

Today we met with more than 30 national and international CEOs, including some of the Presidents of member companies from...
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Etilab launches the first edition of its Anti-Corruption Dictionary

In Colombia, there are multiple euphemisms that are used in politics with regard to corruption, many of which are not...
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Administrative Court of Cundinamarca denies annulment request from entities that refuse to deliver public information to the Anti-Corruption Institute

Following the request from the Anti-Corruption Institute for information about the activities undertaken by the National Government during the Covid-19...
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