The Anti-Corruption Institute was founded in 2018. It is a non-profit organization, that seeks to identify, investigate and analyze the causes and effects of corruption, ethical violations, abuses of power and the wider lack of transparency, integrity and accountability in public administration and the private sector, both nationally and internationally, in order to propose comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions aimed at the eradication, mitigation and/or control of the associated risks.

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First report of the Zero Impunity project reveals an increase in cases of administrative corruption

The report is compiled using graphs and databases provided by the Attorney General’s Office, the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Electoral Council and the Council of State; and from these graphs, the report included a description and analysis of the information presented.

Records of income and meetings from MicTIC associated with the Digital Centers project

The Anticorruption Institute makes available to journalists and citizens the records of income and meetings that the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications has maintained in relation to the process of design, award and supervision of the contractual process FTIC-LP-038-2020.

Opinion Columns: 
Junco in Paradise

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is an imposter. According to the Externado University, Jennifer Arias plagiarized several sections of her Master’s thesis. However she shows no remorse. Insteady, she insists on protesting her innocence, following the well-known mantra of her political party, the Centro Democrático – or Democratic Center – to transform lies into truth.

The role played by contract regulations and the impact on the efficiency of public procurement in Colombia: examples from public works and infrastructure

The report analyzes the quantitative differences in public procurement outcomes in Colombia according to the behaviors of the main indicators. The study was carried out comparing two groups of public works contracts: those awarded through the standard rules of the General Contracting Statute, and then contracts awarded through the special procurement regimen.

Anti-Corruption Institute wins judicial process against the government to gain access to contracts for procurement of Covid-19 vaccines

On 21 May, 2021, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca notified the Anti-Corruption Institute of its decision to order the national government to deliver, within a peremptory term of three business days, copies of the different contracts signed with pharmaceutical companies for the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic. All information will be made public. Read document here.

Anti-Corruption Institute publishes copies of the contracts signed by the Colombian government and the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer

The Anti-Corruption Institute, in accordance with its commitment to defend transparency and in a bid to safeguard the fundamental right of access to public information, has published copies of the COVID-19 vaccine contracts between the Colombian Government and the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Statement from the Anti-Corruption Institute on Law 369 of 2021

Last Wednesday, 15 December, the debate and vote took place in Congress for the controversial Bill 369 of 2021 Chamber...
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The Anti-Corruption Institute wins a petition for guardianship against Senator Mario Castaño

On 2 October, the Anti-Corruption Institute filed a right to petition against Senator Mario Castaño with regard to the work...
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International Day Against Corruption

The 9 December marks the International Day Against Corruption, a date originally set by the United Nations (UN)   to...
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The final Cabilveo training of 2021

During 2021, the Anti-Corruption Institute led at least three training sessions for the public focused on their new anti-corruption tool,...
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‘Pedaling’ against Corruption

The Anti-Corruption Institute has organized an anti-corruption bike ride for 8 December. The activity will take place in Bogotá D.C....
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Letters of Integrity: call for short pieces

Etilab, the innovation laboratory at the Anti-Corruption Institute, has put out a new call for public contributions for a new...
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New study by the Anti-Corruption Institute identifies inefficiencies, increased market concentration and wider risks of corruption in public works projects in Colombia

The Open Contracting Partnership is financed by the Anti-Corruption Institute, and as per its remit is required to investigate the...
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Lobbying as a Mechanism for Anti-Corruption in an Open State

On 11 November, Adriana Romero, Director of Studies and Public Affairs at the Anti-Corruption Institute, was part of a group...
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Anti-Corruption Institute at the She Is Global Forum in Barranquilla

For three days, from October 28 to 30, the team from the Anti-Corruption Institute attended one of the most important...
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