The Anti-Corruption Institute was founded in 2018. It is a non-profit organization, that seeks to identify, investigate and analyze the causes and effects of corruption, ethical violations, abuses of power and the wider lack of transparency, integrity and accountability in public administration and the private sector, both nationally and internationally, in order to propose comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions aimed at the eradication, mitigation and/or control of the associated risks.

All too frequently, numerous politicians, businessmen and other individuals congregate behind closed doors and effectively divide up the State between them, looting it to receive the “spoils of war”. The consequence of this is that the State effectively becomes more of a marketplace, and rather than serving its citizens, is nothing more than a source of “income” for the corrupt, which is very much to the detriment of the most vulnerable Colombians.

But, what if someone dared to reveal just how these politicians are participating in these different, unethical, activities? What would happen if the public knew with whom their public servants meet? Or whether the databases detailing the income of public sector workers that are currently stored within these public entities were published to provide the hard proof of what we all already know is the reality? Could we perhaps save our democracy?

This is at the very heart of CabilVeo’s mission. CabilVeo is the lastest initiative from the Anti-Corruption Institute, which seeks to publish as open source data all relevant information regarding the appointments, trips taken and gifts received by public officials across different government entities. To this end, we seek to bring greater visibility to the otherwise hidden and corrupt power networks within the country.

You, too, can join us in our crusade as we fight to ensure ours is a country free from corruption.

Please support our work. Your donation will be used to finance the web platform that we will use to publish all the information collected following several months of research and analysis.

The Anti-Corruption Institute filed a disciplinary complaint against the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance before the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation

On 8 January 2021, the Anti-Corruption Institute filed a disciplinary complaint against the Minister of Health of Colombia, Dr Fernando Ruiz Gómez, and the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Alberto Carrasquilla, for an alleged breach in their duty to publicize the contracts signed by these entities and the particular funds they manage, including the Emergency Mitigation Fund

Today, 2 February 2021, the Anti-Corruption Institute filed an appeal before the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) requesting greater transparency regarding contracts for the procurement of vaccines against COVID-19. The request was made in light of the national government’s refusal to publish contracts related to their Covid division.

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