What is corruption?

Corruption is the exploitation of a position of authority held by a person or group of people for undue benefit either for themselves or a third party. See more…

What is impunity?

Impunity is the absence of judicial, fiscal and disciplinary responsibility and consequences for those who engage in acts that have the characteristics of a crime or misdemeanor within these jurisdictions; and, as a result, they avoid investigation, prosecution, trial, punishment and compensation for the damage caused. See more…

How does the Anti-Corruption Institute help?

The advice and / or support provided by the Anti-Corruption Institute is provided with a view to bringing criminal, disciplinary, electoral or fiscal actions against the denounced facts.

What kind of cases do we handle?

The Anti-Corruption Institute’s can provide advice and / or support in high-impact corruption cases, where there are allegations of crimes against the public administration or the mechanisms of democratic participation.
The cases will be evaluated according to a system of the IA’s indicators.

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