What is it?

Integrity Laboratory 100 (Business Accelerator) in English – is an initiative from the Anti-Corruption Institute, which seeks to:

  • Evaluate corporate anti-bribery compliance systems.
  • Diagnose the most obvious flaws.
  • Accelerate change and close the gaps to rectify any faults.
  • Publicly acknowledge companies that manage to exceed the Integrity Threshold.

Integrity Threshold

This is the minimum standard that the initiative’s Panel of Experts expects companies to meet in order for them to be considered worthy of the Integrity 100 seal of approval. This minimum standard is designed by consensus of the experts, and is evaluated using a combination of questions, document review and interviews.

The collection of information and interviews is carried out virtually, via secure channels, which protect the confidentiality of the information and the reputation of the companies.

Affiliation requirements

  1. Request the link to the evaluation and accept the terms and conditions by completing the specially-designed form created by the Anti-Corruption Institute.
  2. The letter requesting affiliation must include the signature of the company President, demonstrating the commitment of its Senior Management to the evaluation.
  3. Pay the affiliation costs for the evaluation and initiative.
  4. If the company’s evaluation is of a standard that exceeds the Integrity Threshold, they must commit to giving visibility to the initiative at the end of the process.

Expert Panel

Henry Bradford

Rector CESA

Alberto Guevara

President, CMD Certification

Rosario Córdoba

President of the Private Competitiveness Council

Víctor Malagón

President of the Board of Directors for the Forum of Presidents

Andrea Pradilla

Director of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Hispanic Area

Alejandro Moreno

Director of INALDE

Rubén Avendaño

Director of Corporate Governance, Anti-Corruption Institute

Camilo A. Enciso

Technical Secretary of the Panel and Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute

Companies diagnosed

We must showcase, congratulate and recognize the great effort made by the company to introduce a culture of integrity throughout the organization. Their qualification was excellent in every single component, as well as within the perception survey where their collaborators were asked to respond. For the Anti-Corruption Institute it is an honor to grant this recognition – more than a recognition, a title – that shows how a group of actions have set them aside and allows them to set an important example to the different companies that work in Colombia and fight for integrity every single day.