The Leadership and Integrity Academy, part of the Anti-Corruption Institute, believes that the best antidote for corruption is to promote and ensure a real culture of integrity. That is to say, to instill a profound knowledge and understanding of the current norms and regulations within the general public, explaining what they entail, their limitations and the consequences should they be violated.

To this end, a portfolio of courses has been designed for leadership, managerial, compliance or internal control teams to offer to their work teams. The courses can also be accessed by supervisors, members of civil society and the general public.

The courses are made up of modules ranging in length from one to three hours, depending on the needs of the student. They are taught by top-tier experts affiliated to the Anti-Corruption Institute and is always accompanied a fulsome evaluation to assess what has been learned during the studies.

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Workshop: Communication, integrity and leadership in times of crisis

El Instituto Anticorrupción y la Escuela de Liderazgo e Integridad invitan a los estudiantes, activistas anticorrupción, comunicadores, empresarios y líderes del país que quieran mejorar sus habilidades de comunicación, a un Taller de Comunicación, Integridad y Liderazgo en Tiempos de Crisis con el profesor de comunicación política de la Universidad de Harvard, Steve Jarding.

Date: 19-21 March 2020
Bogotá D.C.