We observe and then make visible the State’s activity in terms of access to information, state contracting/procurement, lobbying, legislative management, the anti-corruption legislative agenda and the overall effectiveness of the judicial system and organizations of control in the fight against corruption.

For this we develop activities that include:

✓ Design, execution and evaluation of projects and other initiatives focused on transparency, accountability and public participation.

✓ Design, launch and use of CabilVeo, a platform that seeks to make the interaction between public servants and their stakeholders more visible.

✓ Preparation of the Ranking of Access to the Legislative Management of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

✓ Design and development of tools for the publication and proactive dissemination of information.

✓ Design, execution and evaluation of different methodologies to measure transparency and institutional trust levels within organizations.

✓ Design and execution of investigations with qualitative or quantitative approaches focused on corruption and the consequences/impact of corruption.