Anti-Corruption Institute represents Colombia at the most important meeting of the Open Government community

Sep 29, 2022 | New

From September 26-29, together with Corlide, Fundación Corona and Datasketch, the Anti-Corruption Institute will be in the Dominican Republic, representing the Committee for Colombia’s Alliance for Open Government (AGA Colombia) in América Abierta (Open Americas), a space to exchange experiences and contribute to the challenges facing democracy, transparency and accountability.

The organizations leading this meeting are the Open Government Partnership, OEA, DIGEIG, Cámara TIC (Information, Technology and Communications Chamber) and Abre Latam Contados (Open LATAM Counted).

According to the organization América Abierta (Open Americas), “this meeting between different communities will allow us to connect stakeholders to work together for a more open, democratic and sustainable America. In particular, work is focused on transcendental issues such as transparency, integrity, prevention and the fight against corruption, as well as the protection of rights and freedoms, democratic governance, data and technology for the common good, inclusion of vulnerable groups, public participation and collaboration, environmental protection and sustainable development.”

Some of the experts attending the event shared why they consider the right to access information in democratic governments to be so important: