CabilVeo for transparent management: the new open data system designed to fight corruption

Jun 15, 2021 | New

In their quest for transparency and the right to access public information, the Anti-Corruption Institute has developed an open data platform from which it seeks to make public to all Colombians complete lobbying information associated with officials from government organizations. This system is free to access, in an open format that allows you to search, review and download data on the officials’ visits, trips, agenda and gifts.

One of the main reasons behind the creation of this initiative stems from the fact that in Colombia there is no law to regulate lobbying, nor a mandate that obliges government organizations to publish information about these matters of their internal management.

CabilVeo is the first web platform in Colombia to have systematized public information on the lobbying of State entities, helping to make visible any examples of corruption or secret power networks.

On 10 June, during the public launch of CabilVeo, at least 50 representatives from oversight organizations, journalists, students and civil society who are interested in exercising greater social control over public administrations received training.