Blu Radio | Camilo Enciso interviewed about the consequences of Congress shelving the draft Anticorruption Law

Jun 23, 2019 | New

Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anticorruption Institute, was interviewed as part of Blu Radio’s ‘Press Office’ show on 23 June 2019, where he discussed the decision taken by Colombia’s Congress of the Republic to shelve the draft Anticorruption Law.

During the program, Enciso outlined why he believed the move to shelve the draft law was so unfortunate. He explained: “With the vote for the Anticorruption Consultation, the country sent Congress a strong message that there is a great need to legislate particular issues in the fight against corruption. And now we find that all of these intentions for Congress to comply with the will of the public remain up in the air”.

At the same time, he called for people to look to the future with the hope that the government, as they have previously announced, will file the draft law with a view to it being promptly processed during the next legislature.

By way of a conclusion, Camilo Enciso, Director of the Institute, provided a short explanation of the main reforms proposed within the draft law and their importance in the wider framework of the country’s fight against corruption.