Caracol Radio | Anti-Corruption Institute proposes a new rural internet tender

Sep 7, 2021 | New

The Anti-Corruption Institute presented an appeal to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications for the direct revocation of the bidding tender that saw the Unión Temporal Centros Poblados awarded a contract worth $ 1.07 billion to provide internet to public schools in rural areas across the country.

The Institute’s Director, Camilo Enciso, pointed out that the Minister, Karen Abudinen, is required to revoke the administrative processes related to acts of corruption that occurred during the procurement and subsequent implementation of the contract.

He also highlighted that there is clear evidence of serious irregularities in terms of the provision of false guarantees by the Unión Temporal and that, therefore, the proposal should have been rejected at the time.

In addition, the alleged bribes that were paid in order to receive access to privileged information during the contractual process need to be taken into account. To-date, it is still not clear who benefited from these – whether it went to Poblado Centers or to other companies.

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