Civil society organizations pronounce on the draft Conpes document

Sep 17, 2021 | New

The Anti-Corruption Institute, together with Corlide, Datasketch and Fundación Corona, in their capacity as members of the Open State Committee of the Alliance for Open Government, have published a series of observations on the draft of the Transparency, Integrity, Legality, Stewardship and Innovation Policy : Towards an Open State, which was made available to the public by the National Council for Economic and Social Policy.

Some of the observations about the Conpes include:

1. It does not include contributions from civil society.

2. It does not address Open State strategies for Congress, Justice, Electoral System, Control Bodies and Territorial Entities.

3. It does not contain a clear agenda on open data and active transparency.

4. It does not address problems of electoral corruption and crimes against the public administration.

5. It does not include statistics for crimes that were caused by corruption.

In light of the above, the organizations have requested that a working meeting with the Ministry of Finance, Director of DNP and the Secretariat of Transparency be arranged.

Click here for the full document.