Entrepreneurs for Integrity: a new initiative from the private sector that seeks to combat corruption from within

Mar 23, 2022 | New

Today we met with more than 30 national and international CEOs, including some of the Presidents of member companies from our Latin American Compliance Network, as well as other external organizations, to discuss a consolidated approach and the define the steps that need to be taken to help us combat corruption within the private sector.

Our Director, Camilo Alberto Enciso Vanegas, presented the fundamental ideals and headline projects from the Anti-Corruption Institute, which are our daily reminder of our longstanding commitment to champion greater integrity in Colombia.

Similarly, Juan Felipe Bedoya, President of Porsche Colombia S.A.S, shared his reflections on the role of companies in the fight against corruption. “Companies must work to achieve zero corruption in this country. Also, they cannot carry out acts of corruption and then try to make up for it afterwards to compensate. It does not work like this!

In addition, Juan Felipe Bedoya was recently appointed to the Anti-Corruption Institute’s Board of Directors, with the aim of being a spokesperson for compliance and good practices in the implementation of a robust compliance structure.

You can find out more about our events at: https://www.estudiosanticorrupcion.org/ and social media.