First edition of Public Tales of Anti-Corruption: Letters of Integrity

May 16, 2022 | New, Sin categoría

Public Tales of Anti-Corruption” is an initiative from the Anti-Corruption Institute’s  innovation laboratory, ETILAB, which seeks to actively involve members of the public in the fight against corruption through writing.

In this first edition, we managed to compile nine tales sourced from an open call to the public so that, in different literary genres such as the novel, essay, short story, poetry, fable, epic, among others, citizens could express themselves freely on issues as complex as corruption.

Capturing and articulating the ideas that we have in our heads, despite the great capacity of the human brain, continues to be a huge challenge. This compilation is testimony to this great tool that we have in our possession and which allows us to express ourselves and think about different societies, an aspect that it is imperative to continue considering in the fight against corruption.

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