Fraud in plain sight! Official exposed the corruption and politicking in the Registrar’s Office under the administration of Alexander Vega

Feb 14, 2022 | New

Our director, Camilo Enciso, in his Fraude a la Vista (Fraud in the Spotlight) column in the new Cambio Colombia publication, revealed the existence of a video in which an official from the Registry states that it is an essential requirement to have the leverage and money of a powerful politician if you want to preserve your position as a member of supernumerary staff.

According to the definition on Public Function, a supernumerary is a figure through which public jobs can be provided on a temporary basis, they are created according to the needs that the organization might have ad hoc to fill temporary vacancies as a public employee.

In his column, Enciso reports that: “To better understand the impact of what is reported here, it is essential to keep in mind that for these elections the Registry needs to hire 25,000 supernumeraries, as announced on its website, which gives a false veneer of transparency and meritocracy to the selection process. Now we know that one of the essential selection criteria – in the Vega Registry– is to be a political recommendation”.

This means that “politicians with influence over the Registrar’s Office will be able to secure “employment” to their people during the election, manipulate the electoral process and get supernumeraries, their families, friends and other clients to vote for them or for their preferred candidates in Congress hustings or in the internal party consultations for the presidential pre-candidates”, asserts Enciso.

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