Caracol Noticias | “He had the worst curriculum vitae”: lawsuit against the election of the registrar Alexander Vega

Dec 2, 2019 | New

On 2 December 2019,  a press conference was held by the members of the new Anticorruption Social Response Force (FUERSA), composed of Iván Velásquez (Former President of the International Commission against Impunity of Guatemala), Camilo Enciso (Anticorruption Institute and Former Secretary of Transparency), José Roberto Acosta (Columnist of El Espectador and Anticorruption Activist), León Valencia (Fundación Paz y Reconciliación) and Catherine Juvinao (Trabajen Vagos – “Work Lazybones” – campaign). They announced their call for the annulment of the election of the new National Registrar. Camilo Enciso said that his goal “is to bring down this electoral process so that things are done as they should be done: in line with the law”.