How to report a case of corruption?

Feb 7, 2022 | New

At the Anti-Corruption Institute, we are committed to ensuring justice, transparency and integrity. Our main objective is to achieve Zero Impunity in crimes against the public administration and mechanisms of democratic participation in Colombia. This is why our Strategic Litigation Practice has launched a new complaints channel, which is available to the general public who wish to report alleged cases of corruption in the public interest. This is a reliable and secure platform where only the complainant and our organization will be able to access the information.

To use it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and click Report Here.

2. Learn about how the Institute is involved in this initiative and accept our Data Protection Policy.

3. Complete the form, attaching all the potential evidence and that’s it!

4. The platform generates a tracking code which the complainant can use to check the status and progress of the case. The platform will even allow you to send messages and upload additional evidence.

Our Zero Impunity project seeks to promote a culture of transparency and accountability in the Colombian judicial system through the creation of the Justice and Impunity Observatory, strategic litigation actions and training in anti-corruption tools.