Karen Váquiro and the 26 multi-million contracts with the State

Jan 17, 2022 | New

According to the experts, there are several black holes that might have meant that the couple got away with it. In the first instance, the abuses around direct contracting, which is very common within State entities and, additionally, the lack of rigor during the selection processes.

“We have loopholes that allow for abuses in direct contracting, which, combined with bad faith and incompetent supervision, allow this kind of thing to happen,” explained Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute.

He went on to add: “Those who are involved in contracting must ensure that the contractor is suitable and genuinely meets the criteria to fulfill the requirements of the contract. That is to say, if the contract is not fulfilled or is only partially fulfilled, then the contracting party and the contract supervisor can become involved and respond. But, more importantly, if the contract was signed to favor a particular individual, then the crime of peddling influence or of demonstrating improper interest in contracting can be implemented.”

Source: https://www.laopinion.com.co/colombia/los-26-millonarios-contratos-con-el-estado-de-karen-vaquiro