Radio Nacional l In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the phenomenon of corruption does not seem to stop

Jan 13, 2021 | New

The Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute, Camilo Enciso, was interviewed on National Radio to discuss his thoughts around the proposed agenda on transparency and anti-corruption for the national government, as well as the fundamental role played by the public to promote these issues and ensure a degree of social control.

According to Enciso, the national government is lacking leadership in certain areas in the fight against corruption, such as:

  1. Protection of whistleblowers against corruption and any form of abuse of power.
  2. Lobbying Law
  3. Corruption within the justice sector and the different supervisory bodies.

Similarly, he stated that there is a lack of public commitment and that people should demand greater transparency when it comes to the administration of affairs within the State and other public functions.

Check out the full interview find out more about the Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute’s analysis and arguments.