Red + | Report highlights irregularities in the election of the new National Registrar

Dec 5, 2019 | New

Director of the Anticorruption Institute, Camilo Enciso, provided information about the lawsuit against the new National Registrar, Alexander Vega, during the Red Más Noticias show aired on 5 December 2019. The lawsuit was filed on 15 November 2019 by the Institute together with the Anticorruption Social Response Force (FUERSA), which is comprised of: Iván Velásquez (Former President of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala), Camilo Enciso (Anticorruption Institute and Former Secretary of Transparency), José Roberto Acosta (Columnist at El Espectador and Anticorruption Activist), León Valencia and Ariel Ávila (Fundación Paz y Reconciliación and Catherine Juvinao (“Trabajen Vagos” “Work, Lazybones” campaign).

During the interview, Camilo Enciso said that “We have asked the Council of State to declare the annulment of this election, to repeat the interview phase, during which the premises of transparency, publicity and citizen participation were violated, and to provisionally suspend the possession of the role of Registrar”