Sin Serrucho with Camila Vergara, a conversation about how she defines systemic corruption

Apr 5, 2021 | New

On 22 March 2021, the third session of the training series “Sin Serrucho: ideas to combat corruption”, took place with Doctor Camila Vergara, a doctor of Political Theory, as the special guest. The event was open to the general public and took place with the support of volunteers from the Etilab project, the Anti-Corruption Institute’s Innovation Laboratory. Camila Vergara, answered challenging questions about her books: “A Practical Guide to Building Popular Power” and “Systemic Corruption”, where she presents her definition of systemic corruption and her thoughts on how to promote the institutional adjustments required to enable the public to have greater control over those in power, and prevent democracy from degenerating into a purely oligarchic form of government.

For Doctor Vergara, one of the main challenges we face globally in terms of anti-

corruption is “to rethink and reconceptualize the problem. Do not adhere to the language that is used within its limits, but set the standard on the outside to be able to influence in another way”. She assured the audience that this is part of the challenge, because if the same logic in terms of how corruption is measured continues to be replicated, it will not be possible to escape the problem. It would be like fighting against a tide. By approaching it from the other side. It is much more productive not just from the existential, but also from the conceptual standpoint.

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