Conexión Capital (Capital Connection) | The first reading of the political landscape of the new Congress

Mar 15, 2022 | New

Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute, and Daniela Garzón, political science researcher at Fundación PARES Colombia, took part in the Capital News segment where they analyzed the new political landscape of the recently elected Congress of the Republic.

“I think this rainbow, which one can see in the composition of the Congress, leads us to believe that the National Government’s ability to work with this Congress is going to be very complex, because it is a highly fragmented Congress, with many players and the Government will have to discuss and negotiate with each one of them. I believe that in this scenario the parties that benefit the most are the ‘floating parties’, which are those that in the end have the ability to enter into negotiations and move without prejudice from one side to the other”, explains Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute .

Watch the full interview: