“You can’t believe anything from Luis H.”, Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute

Jan 6, 2021 | New

Camilo Enciso, current Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute, who knew all about the looting of sports venues from his tenure as Secretary of Transparency in the Colombian Presidency, rejected the statements made by former local leader Luis H. Rodríguez, where he asserted that he did not participate in the various incidences of corruption that surrounded the failed 2015 National Games.

Enciso said: “By now, it is clear to everyone from Ibague, Tolima and to all Colombians that the former Mayor cannot be believed at all. The truth is that during his administration, we saw one of the worst cases of embezzlement in a regional department in recent history. This led to the disaster around the failed National Games, which could not be organized to take place on time, which could not be held in the planned stadia and which also caused the problems of the “white elephants”, which the whole country knows about ”.