“Anti-Corruption Champions”: Camilo Enciso, Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute, on the recent Anti-Corruption Law

Jan 24, 2022 | New

In one of his most recent columns published in Los Danieles, our Director Camilo Enciso fiercely criticized the recent Law on Transparency, Prevention and the Fight Against Corruption, that was passed on 18 January 2022 as Law No. 2195 of 2022 – and which includes a series of measures focused on transparency, prevention and the fight against corruption, amongst other provisions.

Regarding the somewhat pompous launch of the Law, which was described by President Iván Duque as a “transparency milestone”, Enciso commented that its success “will only be known in its real application.” His criticism was focused on the “particular group” that was in the Casa de Nariño to applaud the presidential signature. Amongst some of the personalities in attendance were Jennifer Arias, President of the House of Representatives, famous for plagiarizing her Masters’ thesis; Wilson Ruiz, Minister of Justice, who in 2021 offered juicy contracts to Karen Vaquiro, the “gifted” lobbyist who signed 1,250 million Colombian pesos worth of contracts in just one year; Marta Lucía Ramírez, Colombia’s Vice President, who for decades concealed the conviction against her brother for drug trafficking in Florida; among others.

You can read the full column here.