Podcast Los Implicados

The most emblematic cases of corruption in Colombia’s history

Los Implicados is the Anti-Corruption Institute’s podcast, through which we seek to document the most emblematic acts of corruption and the people who were involved in them, in order to harness truth and memory as a tool to raise awareness and promote non-repetition.



Season 2

El Cartel de la Hemofilia

El Cartel de la Hemofilia fue todo un montaje de tratamientos de salud que nunca existieron, pero gracias a una alarma que encendió la Contraloría, el periodismo regional no dudó ni un instante para meterse en la investigación y dar con los principales responsables de uno de los desfalcos más grandes que han ocurrido en el departamento de Córdoba. Laura Ardila fue nuestra invitada, una periodista que conoce muy bien cómo se mueve el poder regional y nos explicó cómo se fue configurando este caso de corrupción.

El Clan Aguilar

El Clan Aguilar, un peligroso grupo familiar que se tomó el departamento de Santander parecía invencible, sin embargo gracias al trabajo periodístico de Jineth Prieto poco a poco ha quedado en evidencia la forma en la que fueron capturando las instituciones públicas y valiéndose de alianzas con paramilitares para consolidar su poder.

MinTIC and Centros Poblados

The long-promised connectivity that never arrived. Thousands of children in public schools in parts of rural Colombia are waiting to be able to connect to the internet, whilst others, taking advantage of their powerful positions, buy cars, houses and other luxuries at the State’s expense. In this episode we analyze the case of corruption that engulfed the Technology, Information and Communications Ministry, MinTic and their contract with the Temporary Union of Centros Poblados, where, to date, no one has been found responsible for the 70 billion pesos that went missing.

The Palace of Justice

In 1985, with the entire country watching on, guerrillas from the M19 group captured the Palace of Justice in order to put the President of the Republic on trial. They failed, and in front of the whole country, the Army retook the building in a shower of bullets and bloodshed. Nacho Gómez was a court reporter at the time of the events. He lost friends and acquaintances, and it would take 30 years for the full story of what happened to be revealed, little by little. This chapter is very personal, from someone who was right at the heart of the story, and it teaches us the value of someone who loves his job with his life.

Civil Society

Every day civil society in Colombia works bravely to fight against corruption. In this episode, Camilo Enciso, Founder and former Director of the Anti-Corruption Institute, shares his take on corruption in Colombia, why he found it so imperative to establish the Institute, and what is needed from each societal stakeholder to build a more integrated society with greater integrity.

Season 1

The Cartel of the Robes (Cartel de la Toga)

A case of corruption that had a direct impact on confidence in the institutions responsible for administering justice, especially one of the most prestigious Courts. Felipe Morales is a journalist who specializes in judicial matters; he joined us to delve into this scandal.


Odebrecht is a case of corruption of unimaginable dimensions: billions of dollars at stake, high-ranking public officials involved, and the same approach that has been replicated throughout Latin America. In this episode, we are joined by Jorge González, a renowned journalist who carried out an in-depth investigation into this network of corruption which he subsequently shared in his book: “Odebrecht: The Complete Story.”

Agro Income Insurance

A right to petition, an obsessively attentive minister and a group of journalists who put together all the clues in order to send the man who was set to replace Álvaro Uribe Vélez as President to jail. Agro Income Insurance (AIS for Agro Ingreso Seguro in Spanish) was the case that brought together beauty queens, powerful families and even financiers of Presidential campaigns.

The ChuzaDAS (Wiretaps at the DAS intelligence service)

Illegal telephone interceptions were only the tip of the iceberg of the extensive corruption that operated inside the now defunct DAS intelligence service. To delve into this scandal, we interviewed Julián Martínez, who is one of the journalists who has dedicated most time to investigating this case.


The infiltration of paramilitarism in Colombian politics has come to be known as parapolitics, and it’s considered to be one of the most serious cases of corruption, reflecting the weakness of the State when it comes to containing the rise in crime. To understand the complexity surrounding this case, we interviewed Iván Velásquez, who helped uncover this scandal when he was working as an auxiliary magistrate at the Supreme Court of Justice.

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To become involved is to voluntarily participate in something, and when it comes to corruption it means essentially the same thing. Some seek money, fame or power… and are willing to do anything to get it. But others, beyond the call of duty, have committed themselves to hunting down those responsible for the most notorious cases of corruption. This is why, at the Anti-Corruption Institute, we have created this podcast to find out more about these stories direct from the voices of its protagonists, who know first-hand the crime behind each case. It’s a platform to understand, but above all to not forget.

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