Tools for social




Herramientas para el control social

La Constitución Política de Colombia nos ofrece herramientas al alcance de todos, para la protección de nuestros derechos fundamentales.

A continuación, te presentamos las cuatro principales herramientas para el ejercicio del control social en Colombia. Estas cartillas son para tu uso. Descárgalas, consúltalas, y úsalas cuando desees acceder a información del Estado, o cuando consideres que se están vulnerando derechos individuales o colectivos.

Estas cartillas son de acceso libre. Descárgalas, guárdalas, y actívate en la lucha contra la corrupción.


Protection Writs

A constitutional tool that allows citizens and foreigners residing in Colombia to access the immediate protection of fundamental rights when they have been threatened or violated by public or private authorities.

Right of Petition

A tool that allows citizens to protect their constitutional rights by making respectful petitions before the authorities, for reasons of general or particular interest, in order to obtain a prompt resolution and response.

Group action

A legal action that allows Colombian citizens to approach the authorities in order to obtain recognition and payment of compensation for damages. This action is only viable if it involves 20 or more people who share the same conditions and the same problem or situation that is causing them damage.

Public Action

A legal action that allows any person to request the protection of the rights and collective interests that have been violated or threatened by a public authority or individual before a judge. This action  to avoid contingent damage, to bring an end to the danger or threat to collective rights and interests, and whenever possible to restore the situation to its previous state.